What is a Backlink in SEO? What is the importance of Backlink in SEO?

What is a Backlink in SEO? What is the importance of Backlink in SEO?

What is a Backlink in SEO: If you have read anywhere about SEO or you are new in blogging, then you must be a little familiar with the word 'Backlinks'. You might have also wondered what is a Backlink in SEO and why Backlink is so important in SEO.

If you have a website or blog and you want your website or blog to be successful, then blog or website has to have as many Organic Traffic as possible.

For that, you use a lot of SEO techniques on your blog or website, but due to lack of information, you can not create backlinks for your website and are unable to get traffic to your website.

New bloggers who have recently created a new blog or website, they have difficulty in understanding what is backlinks and why backlinks are important for SEO. Most bloggers have a lot of myths about backlinks, today I am about to remove those doubts.

I hope that after reading this post, you will understand what is a backlink and why it is important for SEO, as well as why backlink is important for your online success.

What is Backlink in SEO?

Backlinks are very important for your blog because a search engine checks the Authority of any website based on SEO. When you work on the SEO of your blog posts, you should keep in mind to make backlinks for your blog post.

Backlinks are an important factor in determining the SERP (Search Engine Result Position) of a website by the search engine.

So let's know what is behind this backlink...

Backlinks, as the name suggests, links that connect your webpage to another webpage. The second page can be on your own website or on another website.

When a link to a webpage or website is linked to another website, this link is called Backlink. Backlinks play an important role to rank any blog post or website in the search engine.  Backlinks are incoming links to any webpage.

"When a website is linked to any another webpage, it is called Backlink".

The link appearing on any other page that brings visitors on your page is called Backlink. They are also called Inbound Links (IBLs). These links are called Backlinks because they point your page to another page.

Backlinks located in our own domain are called internal links and backlinks located on any other website called external links. With the fair use of quality backlinks, your website's search engine rankings have improved greatly.

Previously, backlinks were key factors in the ranking of webpages. The more webpage the backlinks are, the webpage will be ranked higher in all the major search engines.

What is the importance of a Backlinks in SEO?

In Search Engine Optimization, a Backlink is as essential as SEO is necessary for ranking any blog or website. Because backlink is an essential part of SEO, especially to rank your posts in the top of the search engine.

Backlinks increase the traffic of your website, as well as increasing the page ranking in the search engine, which brings organic traffic to your website or blog. Due to organic traffic, the views of your website also increases.

Let's understand this in a little detail...

1. Improve Search Ranking

If your website or blog has got Backlinks from any other website, then when someone searches for that website, your website will also appear in the search result, which means that the search engine will increase the ranking of your website.

The Domain Authority of your blog will also increase so that you will get a long term benefit. Along with this, organic traffic for your website will also increase.

2. Referral Traffic by Backlinks

When a website or blog gives you a Backlink, a link is created on that website or blog, which lets some visitors click on that link and go to your blog directly, which is called referral traffic.

This kind of traffic direct researches from a search engine, which can cause your blog to rank high.

The higher the referral traffic, the lower your website's Bounce Rate. Basically, the bounce rate is the percentage of the number of visitors coming to your website, leaving your article in the middle or go without reading.

3. Indexing in the Search Engine

If you have a high-quality article which is important as a point of SEO but there is no Backlink in that blog, then that article may take a few hours to index in the search engine.

But if you have Backlinks on a lot of blogs, then your article will be indexed in a few minutes.

That's why everyone gives special attention to Backlinks in SEO because of the search engine, at the time of indexing, also sees what other blog visitors are visiting on this blog or blog post.

4. Increase Crawl Rate

Crawl Rate increases mean fast Indexing. Relevant Backlinks helps search engine bots to find and link blogs to crawl them. 

If you are planning to create a new blog, then prepare the Relevant Blog and Website List.

5. SERP Improvement

The better the Backlinks, the better Ranking of Blog in the Search Engine. Good Backlink means, from Relevant Backlink. The search engine examines many parameters in SEO to show any post in the top, one of those parameters is Backlink too.

How many related blogs and websites recommend your content, the more recommendation you get the better? Make Backlinks of the home page as well as create Individual Post.

6. Promotion

Promotion of your blog from Backlinks is also free. Backlinks also, help Search Engine to find links to your website and access them to your website.

Especially for a new website or blog, it is also important to create quality Backlinks because they make quick search and indexing of your site easy for Search Engines.

At the same time, they send Referral Traffic to your website or blog, which is Targeted Traffic and its Bounce rate are very low.

Advantages of Backlinks in SEO

What is a Backlink in SEO? What is the importance of Backlink in SEO?

Getting a Backlink from quality sites are important, and a Backlink should be contextual. 

If you create Backlinks from related sites from the niche of your website, then this is more beneficial for your website and they must be authoritative and relevant sites.

Now let's discuss if you make Backlinks for your blog or website, then what are the benefits of this...

1. Improves Search Engine Ranking

Backlinks help you find better search engine rankings. Backlinks are one of the biggest contributors to getting a good ranking in the Search Engine. 

If any of your posts receive Organic Links from another website, naturally it gets a higher rank in the search engine.

When your Blog gets a Backlink from another blog, then Search Engine will show your blog in the search result along with those blogs.

2. Improves DA/PA

If any of your blog posts get backlinks from any other high authority website, it also has a great effect on your website.

The more you get backlinks from the High Authority website, the Blog Post Authority and the Domain Authority of your website will also be affected.

3. Faster Indexing of Site

Backlinks help you find the posts of your website or blog in the search engine.
When Search Engine indexes your blog, it first checks backlink of your blogs, how many links of your blog is connected to the website.

Backlinks for blogs are very important, especially for a new website, because they help in faster discovery and indexing of sites.

Also Backlinks help search engine bots to find links on your website and effectively crawl them.

4. Referral Traffic

One of the major benefits of Backlinks is that they help in bringing the referral traffic and we all know how important traffic is to each blog.

Typically the referral traffic is targeted and its bounce rate is low.

Types of Backlink in SEO

Friends, as I have said, backlinks are very important for the ranking of any blog or website because a lot depends on it. According to Google, the more quality backlinks you have, the more likely your blog or website will be ranked in the search engine.

So, we can also say that if you want to become the king of blogging, you must have a property with Backlinks.

Friends, if you create backlinks for Blog then your blog can rank in Google, but this does not mean that you can make backlinks from anywhere. 

The backlinks we make for the blog are of two types or say that you can create backlinks for your blog in two different ways ...

1. Dofollow Backlinks
2. Nofollow Backlinks

Both types of Backlinks have their own characteristics. Let's know what are Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks.

Dofollow Backlinks in SEO

The Dofollow backlink is also called Juicy links. Dofollow Backlinks are helpful in increasing the SERP of any website that is, Search Engine Result Position.

Dofollow Backlink is very helpful in increasing the ranking of your blog because clicking on such links, the visitor goes from one website to another and simultaneously indexing the Search Engine of Dofollow backlink.

By default all links in blogs are Dofollow. Dofollow Backlinks pass on Link Juice, with the help of which the search engine easily crawls the website.

Benefits of Dofollow Backlink in SEO:

• Improve Page Rank.

• Improves the blog or website's authority

• Increases the ranking of content in the search engine.

Nofollow Backlinks in SEO

Nofollow Backlink is a link that points the visitor from one web site to another, but such links are not crawled in the search engine. Nofollow backlinks are not useful for page ranking.

Nofollow Backlinks are not juicy links and thus do not index Backlinks in Google or any search engine. When a robot of Google or search engine visits a website, the tag of Nofollow prevents the robot from indexing that link which is Nofollow Backlinks.

But this does not mean that Nofollow Backlinks are of no use. The Nofollow Backlinks also help to increase the rank of the website, but it does not get many benefits compared to Dofollow Backlinks.

But whenever you create Backlinks, you should also create Nofollow links along with Dofollow. Because there is a lot of such authority website where making Nofollow backlinks gives you a lot of traffic which is very important for your website.

Benefits of Nofollow Backlink in SEO:

• Provides extra traffic

• With the Dofollow Backlinks, Nofollow Backlinks balance the website, it protects you from updates that penalize you to make Backlinks.

• DA, PA & Other Metrics are helpful in improving.

How to Create Backlink in SEO

What is a Backlink in SEO? What is the importance of Backlink in SEO?

As mentioned above, we have discussed what are backlinks and how many types are there, then now talk about how you will create backlinks for your blog post or website.

No matter how many backlinks you make for your blog post, it does not matter unless they are quality backlinks.

To create a quality Backlinks, you can use some of the following ways, through which you can get High-Quality Backlinks.

1. Post Quality and Unique Article

Readers come to read the post on your blog, as long as the content of your blog posts will not be quality, they will not get the required information, they will not give their time. Quality content is the only option if you want to engage readers for a long time.

Select the post according to your website's Niche. Whenever you write an article, then it should be completely unique and it's quality, before writing an article, take it seriously.

Then you must consider the matter on how to give it, and how many words that article will be there.

2. Backlink from Commenting on other Blogs

Read and comment on any other good blog article related to your blog's article, and do not forget to give the link to your blog's article while commenting.

By doing so, you will get a backlink on that website and if a visitor clicks that link, they will easily come to your blog.

There are many online tools that can help you find blogs or websites that provide dofollow backlinks, you can search and comment on such blogs.

The advantage of commenting is that your relation with the owner of other blogs will be created and they may also tell you some ways to improve your blog. Traffic also increases with ranking by commenting in the search engine.

3. Backlink from Directory Submission

You can also, get backlinks by submitting your website to web directory to create backlinks for your blog.

In the internet, you will find many free web directories which offer free backlinks for your website, but these backlinks are of low quality, you can not create high-quality backlinks with this method.

For this, you can use the paid web directory service provider and create high quality backlinks for your website.

4. Backlink from Doing Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the best ways to Generate Quality Backlinks for your blog post and website. This is the most commonly used method. Guest Blogging is meant to write a post for another blog that lets visitors of that website know about you and your blog.

By doing this the Visitors of that site will start coming to your site, it is a very good way to create Backlink in free.

While doing Guest Blogging, keep an eye on the Guest Post only on the blog that matches your blog. You will have to find some famous blogs related to the topic of your website that accept Guest Posting.

Then write an Attractive and Informative Post on those Blogs and include a link to your blog in that post. This will not only give you a good backlink but visitors of that website will read your posts and get attracted to your website.

5. Backlink from Joining Discussion Forums

Some discussion platforms are also very helpful in generating Quality Backlinks. The most prominent of these are Quora.com, Askhindi.com, and Yahoo Answers.

Take part in discussions related to your Blogging Niche running these discussions Platforms, answer questions logically and leave a link to your website there. People affected by your response will visit your website.

6. Backlink from Social Media Sharing

There are very few people in today's time who do not use social media. You can use this social media to create backlinks to your blog or website.

Social Media Sharing is the easiest and genuine way to create backlinks. For this, share the Blog Post link on all Famous Social Media Platforms.

Sharing Link to Social Media also involves branding and promotion with Backlinks. Which increases the Reach of Blog.

7. Backlink from Internal Linking of Your Blog Post

The Internal Links are those quality backlinks we use to give a link to the second post in a post of our website. If it is used properly, there can be significant improvements in search engine ranking.

The biggest benefit of Internal Links is that it helps to take the visitor from one post to another, this lets the visitor spend more time on your website. This way your Search Rankings improve.


Friends In this post, I have tried to tell you What is a Backlink in SEO and why backlinks are so important for SEO.

I have also tried to tell you how you can create High-Quality Backlinks for your blog or website.

If you liked this post, do not forget to share it with your friends on the social network and don't miss to check out How Search Engine Optimization works?

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