How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger: Blogging has become a career today in the digital world, on which people are attracting very much because this field is such that if you start it and work hard, you will get both name and money.

In the previous post of Blogging, We have discussed How to create a Blog for free on Blogger. If you are reading this post this means that you have created your blog, so I congratulate you. If you still not created your blog then you must read What is a Blog and Blog writing?

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger?

Friends, as you know, writing a blog is not a difficult task, anyone can make their own blog and keep their views in front of the world. So in today's post, I am going to tell you How to write a Blog Post on Blogger?

In this post, I am going to tell how a post is written on Blogger and what things are taken care of before posting it.

With the help of the information given in this post, you will be able to understand very clearly how a post is written on Blogger and what other points to take care of.

Points to remember before writing a Blog Post on Blogger

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

There are many new Bloggers who create their own blog or website on Google Blogger, and then when it comes to writing posts, they become confused, that how to write a post, what should be written in the post? 

So here I’m going to tell you about such important points you should remember before write a Blog Post on Blogger.

  • Friends, whenever you make your own blog or website, before making it, you must analyze yourself - it is very important.
  •  Imagine yourself what you have the most information about.
  • Which topic you can write on or how you can convince people. Your blogging career is connected to this, this is your best step.
  • When you sit down to write a post, you should be fully prepared about the topic you want to write a blog. In simple words, writing a post is very simple but it is very difficult what should be written.
  • On the topic, you are going to write a blog, do research for it. Collect information for your blog post so that when you write a blog you have no problem at all.
  • You should prepare the complete content of your blog. For this, you can take support of others' blogs.
  • Before writing the blog posts you should read the other blogger's blog post, read their article, how they have written an article, note their key points, which will help you a lot.

Steps How to write a Blog Post on Blogger

After all these pre-required processes are fully filled, now let’s go for “How to write a Blog post on Blogger”. 

Writing a post on Google Blogger is very easy. You just have to follow the simple steps to write a post on Blogger which are
  • You have to first log in to your Blogger account. To log in to Blogger, visit the official website of Blogger and log in with your Google id.
  • After you log in, Blogger Dashboard will open, which will look like the picture displayed below.

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

  • Here you will get the option of “New Post” in the Blogger Dashboard. You have to click this option. After clicking, Blogger's Post Editor will open, where you have to write your blog post.

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

  • You can see that in this window you will get lots of options related to editing. You have to create your blog using these options. So let us know how you can use these menus.

1. Post Title

Blogger Post Title bar is used to give the title of any blog post. Here you have to write the title of your post. Your post title is the identity of your blog post so it is important to make it unique and attractive. 

When giving the title, you should note that the title should be such that the visitor should read it immediately and understand what information you have given in the post.

You can use both Hindi and English in the title but should not exceed 160 characters. Use your blog keywords in the title, as it will benefit your post from SEO's perspective.

2. Post Heading

After giving the title of the blog post, you should determine the "Headings" for your blog post. In Blogger, you get four types of headings.
  • Heading
  • Sub-Heading
  • Minor Heading
  • Normal

By default, the content of the blog post is selected as Normal. The heading of the post is very important in the view of the blog's basic structure. 

Headings for any blog post is an important part that makes your post attractive and easy to read.

It is important to put at least one heading in your blog post. You may have more than one sub-heading and minor heading in your post.

3. Post Intro

After giving the title of the post, you wrote a short "Post Intro" or a description for your post in which you told about your post. 

You wrote the intro post like a welcome post, first of all, tell you in front of your viewer, for what you are writing this post, what is the topic of this post.

The intro part of any post will be as attractive and abstract, the viewer is equally likely to read the post further. From the first paragraph of the post, the viewer realizes that this post has worked for him or not. 

It is, therefore, necessary that you write information about the same things which you have told in the next paragraph.

4. Permalink

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

In the next step of the post, you have to set up "Permalink" of your blog post. You get the option of setting permalink in Blogger which you will find on the right side of the Blogger Dashboard. 

Permalink means your post's address which is displayed in the address bar of your browser, also you know from the post URL.

Blogger's default post permalink is set automatically as soon as you give the title of your post. But I would recommend that you set a custom permalink of your post.

Blogger gives you the ability to set up the custom permalink. You will see that when Permalink is an automatic set, then it does not seem right from SEO's perspective. So you set a custom permalink of your post.

Setting permalink of the post, you do not use any symbol other than the character or dash, Blogger will not accept it. Also keep in mind that you must use your post keyword in your permalink, which is very beneficial for your blog in terms of SEO.

5. Search Description

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

Blogger provides the "Search Description" option to give search descriptions or meta descriptions of any blog post. You have to give a summary of your entire blog post here, which should be 150 to 200 words.

In the search description, you have to tell what is the subject of your post, what you wrote about the post. 

It is extremely important to give search descriptions while writing your blog post because whenever you search on Google related to any keyword, Google shows you the blog post meta descriptions instead of your entire blog in the Google search result.

How many views will come on your blog post, whether or not Visitors will come, depending on how well and attractive you have given your blog post summary. 

6. Labels

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

On the process of writing a blog post, now you have to create labels for your blog post. You can see there is an option of "Labels" right of the Blogger post editor where you have to create Labels. 

Labels are used to categorize your blog post according to the subject or topic which you are going to publish.

It is necessary to create at least one Label for your blog. For example, in our post, we have created a label named “Blogger Guide”. The labels of any post help the viewer to understand on which topic this blog is written.

7. Use other editing menus

How to write a Blog Post on Blogger? A complete guide for beginners

Blogger provides you many kinds of other editing option just below the post title bar. You can use this option while creating your blog post. The options given in the toolbar are 

  • You can use B to make any content bold.
  • Use U to make any world underline.
  • Use I  to underline any words in the blog post.
  • You can add link or make any world hyperlink just using the Link option.
  • Add image in your post just click the image option and upload an image which you want to use in your blog post.

8. Preview

Like other Blogging platforms, Blogger provides you a facility to preview your blog post while creating. You can use the "Preview" option when you want to preview your blog post. 

It is very necessary to use preview for any blogger who creates their blog. You can use it to check how your post will appear when it is published.

9. Save

The use of the Save option is the same everywhere, to save anything. Blogger provides you the facility to save your blog post.

You can use the save option when you feel that you have to work on your post later, after which you will save your post as a draft. You can open your post later and work on it again.

10. Publish

Friends, now your blog post has been ready, now you just have to post it online. To publish any post in Blogger, you get the option of “Publish” that you can use to publish your blog post online.

After clicking Publish, your blog post is uploaded to online. You can check how your post will look, just click the “View blog” option.


Friends, I hope you have learned How to create a Blog post in Blogger. If you liked reading this post then don't forget to share this post. I will continue to bring the information related to blogging for you. If you are a newbie then don’t miss to read “What is a Blog and Blog writing?" and “How to Create a Blog and Make Money in 2019”. 

Thank You.

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